General introduction

The front-end services are for clients, whose design requirements go beyond the standard amendments of our ready-made templates. 

The additional front-end code development service includes:

✔ Improving and customizing visual elements in the store, such as:

✔ Changing the font size of text anywhere on the page

✔ Change colors of text, buttons, margins, page background, etc.

✔ Move icons

✔ Create individual labels on the product page

✔ Header and footer changes

✔ Create individual pop-up messages

✔ Add button/image/text transition effects

✔ Add animations

✔ Add galleries and sliders

✔ Changes related to structural modification of the page, for example changing the order of tabs, such as description and features

✔ Changing the order of the title displayed in the sidebar, price, features, etc.

✔ Add functionality at the click of a button - to perform an action (e.g. show/hide a drop-down menu).

✔ Add pop-ups

✔ Adding client code (code provided by you in the form of a script)

For additional back-end code development services, please get in touch with our sales team.

Service conditions

Front-end services are based on a consultation with one of the following departments - Sales or Project Coordinators

Execution deadline

Deadline execution*: 10 work days Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart reserves the right to extend the deadline with 5 work days.


Corrections execution**: Up to 7 work days. The client has the right to one-time corrections. 

*Deadline execution applies in cases everything sent by your side is submitted within the particular timeline. 

**Additional corrections sent outside of the agreed deadline, are charged on a per-assignment basis.

Request the Service

To request the service, click the button below: