General introduction

Blog migration can be considered, as an additional service to migration of the product catalogue or to be done independently, if your current website is informative.

Service conditions

  • All articles will be migrated with an identical date. 
  • Transfer titles, text, and images included in articles (due to specifics across platforms, other than these elements do not transfer)
  • Articles need to be published, visible for website visitors
  • When migrating a blog, each article is transferred, taking only: the article name, article content and main image**

**The header photo by default is the photo that comes before the title of the article itself. This photo is used for the cover of the article, if there is no such photo, the article will be uploaded but without a cover.

Note that data such as category, publication date, author, etc. are not transferred.

Deadline for the service execution

Deadline execution*: 10 workdays 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart reserves the right to extend the execution deadline

with 5 work days.

Corrections execution**: Up to 7 work days. The client has the right to one-time corrections.

*Deadline execution applies in cases where everything has been sent correctly from your side.

**Additional corrections sent outside of the allocated deadline, are charged on a per-assignment basis.

How to request the service?

If you would like to request the service, please contact your account manager for further assistance.