NestPay is an e-Commerce Secure Payment Platform. Through it, you can connect to various banks that work with the NestPay system and start accepting payments. Most of the banks in Turkey, Albania and Kosovo work with Nestpay.

This payment method applies to the following banks using the NestPay system: 

  • İş Bankası
  • Banka Kombëtare Tregtare

  • Akbank

  • Finansbank

  • Denizbank

  • Kuveytturk

  • Halkbank

  • Anadolubank

  • ING Bank

  • Citibank

  • Cardplus

  • Ziraat Bankası

  • Türk Ekonomi Bankası


1. The first thing you need to do to start accepting payments through the Nestpay system is to go to your bank (it must work with NestPay) and sign a contract with them. They will provide you with all the necessary data (Client ID, Storekey, Username and Password) to integrate this payment provider in your store. 

2. Then, log into your admin panel > Settings > Payments and select NestPay from the providers’ list > Configure.


1. After entering the settings window, first fill in the name of the service (by default, it is NestPay, you can add text or change it, e.g 'pay with credit/debit card), and you can upload another logo for this service, e.g. Visa/Mater card logo, so your customers know how they can pay in your store.  

2. In the description field you can add some informative text about this payment service.

3. In the next section, Test mode,  the Live Mode button needs to be deactivated if you want to use the payment method in test mode, in which to simulate making transactions. As soon as you activate the button you will start receiving payments from all your clients who have opted to use this payment method. By default, the test mode is enabled. You should have different credentials for the test and live mode given by the bank. 

 4. In the fourth section, put the credentials you have received from your bank and choose the bank you have a contract with from the drop-down menu and the currency you are working in. The currency you select corresponds to the currency of your bank account.

5. Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order - in this section you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which this payment method is active and visible to the customers. 

6. Discount when paying with NestPay - you can give a discount (specific amount, a percentage or free shipping to your customers to encourage them to use this payment method.

Once you are done with the settings, hit the 'save' button.

Make a test payment

Go to the storefront, add some products to the cart and go to the checkout.

Keep in mind that the limitation of the test amount for NestPay is 1 EUR/ALL/TRY. The total of your cart shoud not be more that 1 (currency).

When you enter the necessary data  (name, address etc.) and select NestPay from the payment provider's list you will be redirected to the corresponding bank payment page. In our case this is BKT:

You can get test cads details when you log in into your bank admin panel.

When you enter the test card, if everything with the integration works smoothly you will see a message that the payment is successful.