This segment includes subscribers who have browsed a specific product multiple times (at least 2-3 times) in the last few days. This shows they have a heightened interest in the given product and most likely want to buy it for themselves or as a gift but they need some incentive. You can stimulate them by putting the product they are interested in on a promotion. 

The following segmentation is suitable for many niche markets like computers and peripherals, white and black appliances, perfumery and cosmetics, apparel, footwear, etc.

The segment's goal

Subscribers who have browsed a specific product more than X times in the last X days.  

Add the following conditions and fill in their respective values: 

1. View

  • View product ('IS' / 'T-shirt Smile')
    • View product before / after days ('In the last' / 10 days)
    • View product n times ('More than' / 3)

It is recommended that the subscriber has browsed the specific product (e.g. TV) at least 2-3 times in the last 7-10 days.


This is what your segment should look like when finished: 

 Viewing, browsing, clicking events (everything other than purchase) are kept for 180 days.

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