Catalogs in PDF format (an alternative to paper cоpies) are one of the most effective ways to present products to consumers. You can also add this way of presenting the products you offer to your marketing strategy to direct customers to the appropriate brand and to stimulate the desire to buy. The product catalog in PDF format will contribute to a better and more satisfying user experience and will allow your customers to "browse" its content quickly and comfortably. And if they want to look at a specific product in more detail, they can do it from the product listing on the site.  

Upload PDF file and prepare embed code

1. Log in to your admin panel, go to Settings > Files and from the Upload files button uplod the PDF file to your store.  

2. In a separate file, copy the embed code below. Then copy also the URL link of your file and replace it with the link in red in the code. Your link must be placed between the quotes of the src attribute. 

<embed src="" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="600px" />

This embed code is just an example. If you want, you can change the values of the width and height. You have the opportunity to also use another code (e.g. generated by external software) to change the way the PDF file is visualized.  

Create a landing page

1. Go to the Marketing section > Landing pages and from the Add new page button create a landing page with the Drag & Drop Page Builder.  

2. Add a new row with one column from the Add new row button 

3. Click on the Add new widget button that appears and select the Add Code Snippets option  

4. Here add the embed code that you prepared after uploading the file to the store. 

5. This is how the product catalog in PDF format looks like in the page builder: 

6. After making the desired changes you can publish and thus visualize your products in yet another way.