Universum ERP is a complete ERP system for automation of all your business processes according to the specifics of your activity and work in the company. Software with a familiar user interface and ease of use.

The system is for all companies that strive to increase efficiency, increase productivity, optimize costs and improve work organization. With the Universum ERP app and the integration that CloudCart has, you can easily connect your store to this ERP system.

App activation

Go to your admin panel and from the menu choose Apps > All Apps > Universum ERP and click the Buy button.

This app requires payment on an annual basis. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial period.


1. After successful payment or the start of a trial period, sеt the app settings and activate it from the ON/OFF button.

  • Sync address - address for synchronization with Universum ERP
  • Username - enter your username for Universum ERP 
  • Password - enter your Universum ERP password 
  • Website ID - your website ID in Universum ERP

  • Unique identifier - an identifier for comparing products between Universum ERP and CloudCart. The possible options are SKU code and barcode.

  • Order information to be sent with status -  in which status of the order to send information about it in Universum ERP - New order, Paid or sent, Order completed.

2. Press the Save button to save the settings.

Only product quantities are synchronized with the Universum ERP app. 

Once you save the settings a window will open that indicates whether the task is active, when it was last completed and when it will be completed again. 

You now have everything you need to optimize your processes with Universum ERP.