From 7.10.2021 a change in the logic for numbering orders in the databases of the stores comes into force. 

Until now, order numbers (if digital numbering was chosen) followed absolute order. 

Driven by the desire to constantly optimize the process of shopping in stores we found that compliance with absolute sequence can lead to a delay in the process of completing an order. Sometimes it happens to complete hundreds of orders at once. 

Therefore, we changed the logical process and it is now possible that the numbering of orders is not in absolute order, i.e. to omit numbers. 

If you think it's better for your business, you can use the string of numbers and letters setting found in Settings > Cart and Checkout > Processing orders.

Why is the string of numbers and letters option useful:

  • Ensuring a good level of confidentiality in terms of the number of orders - inability of the competition to track the number of orders received in your store due to the removal of their absolute order. 
  • For starters or merchants with fewer orders in their stores, the option of a string of letters and numbers when numbering orders is an effective way not to disclose information about the volume of your sales to customers.

This is all you need to know about the way orders are numbered.