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Start accepting payments worldwide today with EveryPay. 

EveryPay is a widely used payment gateway in Greece in line with your business needs. Its state of the art infrastructure and services effortlessly execute your store payments.

Create an account

In order to set up EveryPay as a payment method in your CloudCart store, first, you need to sign up for the service for free, online at Once registered, you will have access to the EveryPay dashboard, where you need to get the API keys to test the integration and make the first contact between EveryPay and your store.  

1. Go to Settings > API keys and copy the Public key and Secret key to paste them later in the settings section of your store's admin panel. 

Note that, this information is only for your sandbox account. Once you have completed the testing and verified each payment and your account has been approved, you will receive an access to the real production dashboard from where you can get the Public and Secret key for production mode and put it in your store's admin panel.

Settings and Activation

1. Go to your admin panel, Settings > Payments section and choose EveryPay payment method > Configure.  

2. In the window that opened in the first field Name of the service you can put a text that suggests to your customers that by choosing this method they will be able to pay with their debit or credit cards. Example: "Credit / debit card payment".

3. In the Logo field, you also have the option to upload another photo/logo. 

4. In the next section Test mode, the Live mode button must be deactivated in order to simulate transactions. As soon as your account is verified and you have the live API keys, activate the button and you will start accepting payments via EveryPay from all your customers who have chosen to use this payment method. 

5. In the Settings section, enter the Public and the Secret keys you got frоm the EveryPay dashboard.

6. In the next section Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order, you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which this payment method is active and visible to the customers when they choose this payment method.

7. In the last section Discount when paying with EveryPay you can give a discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to encourage them to use this payment method.   

Card payments reduce the risk of returning or cancelling the order, which is common when the customer chooses cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods. In addition, the possibility of damage to the goods during transport must be taken into account, especially if you are selling higher-value products. Therefore, we recommend that you encourage your customers with a small discount to choose card payments .

Test the Integration

Once you have filled in and saved the required information, you are ready to make your first test payments in your store. Here you will find a list of test card numbers to execute test transaction scenarios. They work ONLY in a sandbox environment:  

Success Test Cards

Card NumberCard TypeHTTP StatusOutcome
4556390755719395Visa200Successful transaction
5217925525906273MasterCard200Successful transaction
4556940988073158Visa200Successful Frictionless transaction
4908440000000003Visa200Successful transaction with installments

Below you will find card numbers that return specific errors, so you can control the behavior of your application in similar cases.

Failure Test Cards

Card NumberHTTP StatusFailure CodeFailure Message
485345142612038740240066Insufficient funds
522503102902310140220012Authentication error
491691511170114440240060Successful payment, which in case of refund will fail