The Finale Inventory is a useful software through which you can manage the inventory, the products quantity, the income and outbounds sales for your business when you have multiple warehouses. Connecting your store to the Finale Inventory app provides you seamless integration with two-way communication. On the one hand you get product stocks, information and product prices directly into your store, and on the other hand you pull out the orders (in real time, when an order happens in your store), directly into the Finale Inventory app.

In Finale Inventory, every product and its variants have its own lines and locations, e.g. where this product is available and where it comes from. It is important to mention that Final Inventory works with locations and sublocations. You can have many main locations and sublocations to them. Let's say you have a main warehouse in Prague and you have 10 smaller ones in settlements near Prague or elsewhere.   

If you have more than one online store you need to install the application on each of them and select a sublocation for each individual store. Otherwise, if you work with several online stores, but with one sublocation, you may get confused with the prices and quantities of the products, as well as with the orders.


1. Go to your admin panel, Apps section > All Apps, select Finale Inventory, and click on the Buy button. After you have paid for this application you will be able to install it in your store. 

The Finale Inventory application requires payment on an annual basis.

2. In the next step you should activate the app and enter your Finale Inventory credentials.

To find your account name go to log in to your account and copy the name after the .com/ of the URL address. It starts after the slash (.com /) and ends until the next slash. This is the name of your account. Copy it and paste it in the appropriate field in the settings of the application in your store.  

For each connection, you make (for each store you have)  is advisable to create different users and passwords for security reasons. You have to create an account in Finale Inventory for dealing with API.

Pay attention, that Finale Inventory gives you API access only with their Platinum and Custom Plans.

After you have entered your account, user name, and password hit the Save button to go to the next step.

 3. Choose the status of the imported products - After importing the inventory from Finale Inventory based on the warehouse you have selected, the products can be automatically published in your store or remain unpublished if you want to preview them beforehand and make any changes.  

4. Choose a warehouse - you have to choose the warehouse you want to import products from. Once you have connected your store with Finale Inventory, all locations and sublocations will be loaded in the drop-down menu, from where you can select the desired one.  

5. Select client - your store is a kind of client of your inventory management system. So that particular store should have a specific name. Basically here you have to select the store you are connecting to FInale Inventory. You can create such a name (client) in your Finale Inventory account, from the Selling section > Customers > Create Customer. After you create it your store name will appear in the drop-down menu in your store, so you will be able to select it.

6. Select a product category - when you choose to import products and update quantities you should also select a default category where all products should be stored for the initial import. You can create such default category e.g. "finale inventory category". If you choose your products to be unpublished, that category won't be visible to your customers. Once you have made sure that all the information on the imported products is correct, you can redistribute the products to their respective categories. This option is really handy because that way you can see all of the imported products in one place and make changes if it is needed. 

7. Action - you have two options here - to import products from a chosen warehouse and update their quantities or update quantities only. Importing products feature from your warehouse will automate the upload of your inventory into your store, but you have to redistribute them to the respective categories manually. 

Important! When updating, only the quantities of the products are updated. 

8. Choose a unique identifier for comparison from Finale Inventory - you should choose the identifier that will compare products from your Finale Inventory to your store. E.g if you choose to compare products from Finale Inventory by UPC, this unique identifier should be equal to the identifier you will choose for comparison in CloudCart. Тhis identifier may not be UPS, it may be a barcode or SKU, the important thing is that the values of the identifiers in Finale Inventory and your store match.  

9. Choose a unique comparison ID in CloudCart - select the ID for comparison in your store that matches the ID from Finale Inventory.  

10. Commit orders (lock order at finale inventory when created at the store) - if you enable this option by selecting "Yes" this means that the quantity of products participating in an order will be locked in Final Inventory and cannot be sold to another customer. 

11. Order prefix - you can give your orders prefixes. This will help you keep track of where each order comes from. The prefix may contain the name of the store from which the order comes. That way you will easily identify each order and fulfill it directly from the FInale Inventory. This feature is really useful, especially when you have multiple online stores.

When you have finished setting up, press the Save button. The progress will start automatically and you will be able to track it in real-time. It never stops until you stop it. It is a background process so even if you close your store when you come back and enter the Finale Inventory app from the Track process button you can see what is happening. 

The Task status button indicates whether the task is active, when it was last completed, and when it will be completed again.