In this article, you are going to find out how to set up Mollie as a payment method in your CloudCart store.

In this section:

Mollie is a powerful platform that enables merchants accross the Europe to have multiple payment options directly in their online stores.

Mollie is similiar to other well-known payment methods like Stripe or Braintree. The concept here is to give the store owners all major payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna, Ideal, Credit Card, etc.

Create your Mollie account

1. The first thing you need to do to start accepting payments from Mollie is to Sign Up for this service at their website

When you sign up, you will see Mollie's dashboard, where you can track your orders, transactions, some statistics, etc.

2. From the Settings > Website profiles section, you need to create your Test Profile to test the integration and make the first contact between Mollie and your store. 

3. In this step, you have to fill in your organization details to activate payments. 

  • Contact information - in this section, fill in your domain name, what kind of services and products do you offer, your phone number, and registered trade name. This information will be automatically added to the receipt customers receive when you charge them.
  • In the Personalize Checkout section, upload your checkout logo and wallpaper to customize your checkout and give your customers an on-brand and trusted experience when checking out.

  • In the Payment methods section, choose which payment methods to accept in your store and enable it from the corresponding button:

Settings and Activation

1. To make the connection between Mollie and your store, you have to know your credentials - the API keys in your account. Go to the Get started section > View API keys.

2. First, you have to take the Test API key, and once you are verified as a merchant by Mollie's system, you will get the Live API key for a production environment.

3. Copy the Test API key and go to your CloudCart store admin panel. From the Settings > Payments, choose Mollie payment method >Configure

4. In the window that opened in the Settings section > Test API key field, paste the API key you have copied from Mollie's dashboard. From the same place where you have gotten the Test API key, take the Profile ID (see the picture above) and paste it into the corresponding field. 

When your website profile has been verified get the Live API key from Mollie's dashboard and paste it into the admin panel of your store.

To test your integration, make sure you are in Test Mode. It should look like this:

5. In the next section, Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order, you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which his payment method is active and visible to the customers when they choose this payment method. 

6.  In the last section, Discount, when paying with Mollie, you can give a discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to encourage them to use this payment method. 

7. Once you hit the Save button in the upper right corner of your screen, you will have Mollie enabled in your store.  

Test the integration

To test the integration with Mollie, go to the storefront and add some products to the basket. Then, go directly to the checkout, enter your shipping address, proceed to the shipping method, and on the next step, select as a payment method Mollie (if you have more than one payment method activated in your store). 

Usually, you will be redirected to the page where you have to add your credit card or choose the desired payment method. But now, because you are in a Test mode, you don't have to add anything. You have to choose only the status of your payment (Paid) and click Continue

Depending on the status you have chosen, you will see a page where you can check whether your integration is done or not. In our case, we selected Paid, and as we can see in the picture below, according to our selection, the payment is successful, and the integration is done correctly. 

Depending on the type of payment method/s you have enabled in your Mollie's account your customers will be able to choose which one to use in the checkout process when they are redirected to Mollie's payment page. 

Payment status

From the main menu in the Orders section, you can track the status of each transaction made through Mollie's system.

1. From the list of orders placed in your store, select the one whose payment status you want to track. From the View more button, you can also see the response of Molly (Klarna, Idear, Credit card, etc) for the specific payment. 

2. The system also supports a reversal of card operations if necessary, which solves potential problems with rejected orders. The Refund button is used to send an automatic request for a refund. In such a case, the order's status changes to "Refund".

Manage your refunds from your Mollie's account from the Transactions > Refunds section.

3. Synchronize- you can use it if the status of the order is "Pending" to synchronize the systems if there is any delay.

4. From Mollie's dashboard you can track all your transactions and orders made by this system, see statistics, and many more. 

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts.