The ability to embed a product from your store on another site is an extremely useful feature that can be used by any CloudCart retailer. By "embedding" a button, you can implement a shopping cart on any of your corporate, static sites or on the sites of your partners. You can also create links to directly purchase a product and variant (if any) to send to your customers.

In this section:

To do this, go to your admin panel, Marketing > Sales Channels section, and select Buy Button. Here you will see two buttons - Create a buy button and Create a checkout link.

Creating such a button or link will be very useful if you want to make a sale through any of the social networks or communication channels such as Viber, WhatsApp, in which you communicate with customers. By sending them such a direct link, users will be able to quickly and easily purchase the goods they want, and sales will be reflected on your site, will be present in your reports, you will not have to enter them manually. 

In this way, you will avoid the need for additional communication by phone, chat, and annoying notes with customer data, as well as possible mistakes with the choice of the product, etc. This functionality makes it easier for both the customer and you as a merchant. 

Create a checkout link

1. To create such a link, click the "Create a checkout link" button, select the product you want to send, and its variant, if any, and copy the generated link by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" button. 

2. Then, when you send this link to the customer, opening it, the product will be automatically added to his cart. He will be sent directly to the checkout:

In this way, you will encourage and help your customers to easily, directly buy the product they are interested in.  

Creating a Buy button

If you have another site (corporate, static, blog) or you have partners who can place your product on their site, you can do so by creating a button that leads to a direct purchase of a product. 

1. To do this, go to the Marketing > Sales Channels > Buy Button section and click the "Create Buy Button". 

2. Then select the desired product and variant, if any. In the Customization field, you can change the way it looks - Simple, Basic, or Full, depending on the type of site and the place where your product will be located. 

3. In the next section, choose what the action of the button should be - whether to send the customer directly in the checkout or to add the product to the cart. 

The cart icon and the product added to it will be displayed next to the product on the site where it is placed, so that the customer can see how many products he has added.

4. You also have the opportunity to change the color of the text of the button, the background, the font size according to the design of the external site in which you embed your product. 

5. In the Product section, you can edit the color of the title, text, and background, and also select whether details such as SKU, properties, description, and quantity are displayed. 

6. After you have set up, generate the code from the button located in the upper right corner of the screen and copy it. The code looks like this: 

This code should be placed on the HTML site where you want the product to be displayed. You can embed it in an external site, no matter what platform it is on (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.).