As you know, we at CloudCart strive to constantly improve our products to grow together. Our system is constantly optimized with new, more efficient and improved functionalities with a higher degree of protection. Increasing the security of your online store is the basis of the work of our entire team.

If you are promoting your products through Facebook and Google and you have the Facebook Dynamic Ads and/or Google Ads Remarketing applications installed in your online store, it is good to be aware of the change we have made. 

We have made changes to all feed links in CC store but the main places where you need to change it are FB Dynamic Ads and Google Ads. In this article the focus is on what you need to do to change the links if you use these applications.

If you are NOT using either and have not created a Facebook Product Catalog Feed or Merchant Center feed, these changes do not apply to you and you do not need to do anything.

Facebook Dynamic Ads 

This is an extremely useful marketing tool through which you can create dynamic product ads on Facebook by creating a Product Catalog Feed. This is a file that contains information about each of the products you choose to advertise.

Each line of this file carries enough information to create a dynamic product ad on Facebook. When automatic update is set for a specific period, this file is generated dynamically, which means you don't have to upload it every time you make changes to your products.

In practice, the benefit for you is that if a customer enters the store and views or adds to the cart specific products without buying them, based on the pixel attached to your store Facebook, this information is dynamically submitted to remarketing advertising with the product catalogue on Facebook. So while scrolling through the social network, the customer will see an ad with exactly those products that he liked and can return and complete his order.

Google Ads Remarketing

With the Google Ads Remarketing app, you can create short text ads and display banners to reach web users. Ad serving is based on Google keywords and cookies, which are used to calculate the relevancy of an ad to a search engine or to a specific site. Ads appear on official Google sites and applications, as well as on Google partner sites (via Google AdSense). Advertisers pay for an ad when users show interest and click on it to learn more, and Google's partner sites receive a percentage of the cost per click. Once you have successfully set up Google Ads, you can create your product catalogue via the product feed link.

What are we changing?

For greater protection and security, we have changed the generated product feed links that you put when setting up these and some other applications. Therefore, in case you use this type of links for your advertising campaigns, you need to replace them with the new unique links, which are automatically generated in the admin panel of your store.

1. For Facebook, you can take it from the menu Apps > Facebook Dynamic Ads and place it in the appropriate field "Feed URL" in the settings of your product catalogue in the Facebook profile of your store.

2. For Google Ads Remarketing, from the menu in the admin panel, select Apps > Google Ads Remarketing.

Copy the new link and paste it in the appropriate field in your Google Ads account settings.

These and other improvements we make will lead to greater protection and security of the content in your online store.

CAUTION: If you do not follow these steps, the old feed link will not work correctly.

The amendment is effective from 10.10.2020.