This new CloudCart App allows your website to redirect visitors based on their location. It essentially tracks their location and redirects them based on the present conditions. The App is easy to configure and allows you to assist customers from all countries who want to purchase products from your online store. The geolocation mechanism, detecting the country of your visitors and automatically redirecting customers to the right website.

Please note that the App would work if you have more than one CloudCart online store or are using our multilanguage settings. For more information on how to create an additional language version of your store with the Multilingual store app, see here.

The redirection method used by this App is SEO friendly.

How can I set up the App?

1. Go into your admin panel > Apps > Geolocation Redirect
2. Once you have entered the App, click Install and you would be redirected to the following menu:
3. Afterward, you choose which visitor is redirected to which one of your stores, based on the country that visitor is from. Example below:

If you want to stop redirection by country for a specific link, you can do so by going to the already installed application "Geolocation redirect" and add at the end of the link the parameter you see there "& _disableRedirect = 0000"

Save your changes and voila, you have a set redirection! No coding knowledge required. No limit on the number of redirects.