Disqus is a platform for a community connected on the net, used by hundreds of Internet users. With Disqus, your online store gains a feature-rich comment system that is integrated with social platforms, with an advanced administration system, many options, .nd features. 

You can easily enable Disqus comments for your store by following the steps below: 

1.  Go to the Disqus page and register.

2. After your account has been created, select I want to install Disqus on my site.

3. In the Create a new site window that opens, fill in your name, your website name, select the Business category and click Create Site. Please note that your unique Disqus URL will be: shortname.disqus.com. You will need your unique Disqus URL later to integrate the Disqus app with your CloudCart store. 

4. Next, you will need to select a billing plan. You have four options: Basic (which is free), Plus, Pro and Business. You can learn more about all the available plans in Settings > Subscription & Billing.

5. Then, from the menu bar, select Settings > General. In the Configure Disqus for Your Site section, you will find your site's short name. Using the short name, you will know how to form your unique Disqus URL. All you need to do is attach '.disqus.com' to the end of the short name. If your surname is awesome-shoes, for example, your unique Disqus URL will be awesome-shoes.disqus.com.

6.  As a next step, go to Apps > All Apps > Disqus. 

7.  After the installation, you will see the following window in which you need to place your unique Disqus URL. Take it from your account in Disqus.

8. Now, every customer who has an account in Disqus after logging in will be able to leave comments about your products. This is how the app will look like in your CloudCart store: