Creating and maintaining an online store requires constant file uploads. These files can be your products (if the store is for digital products), or resources to promote your products (images, categories, brands, logos, etc.).

CloudCart offers a dedicated section in each account where you can easily upload all of these files needed to create your online store.

How do I upload files in my store?

Log into your control panel, go to Settings > Files
There you would see the storage space and the files you have uploaded:
Once you've uploaded the photo/file, you can use it for any part of your store. For example, you can change the design wallpaper for your store if that photo is available in Settings > Files.

To upload a new file click on the button in the top right-hand corner Upload Files. There you just upload a file from your device and click Open.

The allowed file extensions are:

\.bmp, \*.gif, \*.png, \*.jpg, \*.jpe, \*.jpeg, \*.ico, \*.tif, \*.tiff, \*.svg

\.pdf, \*.doc, \*.xls, \*.xlsx, \*.ppt, \*.txt, \*.csv, \*.rtf

\.mp3, \*.wav, \*.ogg, \*.m3u

\.mpeg, \*.mpg, \*.mpe, \*.mov, \*.avi, \*.flv, \*.mp4, \*.wmv, \*.m3u8

\.gz, \*.gzip, \*.zip, \*.tar, \*.tar.gz, \*.tgz, \*.7z

If it is appropriate for the products you sell, you can upload a file with additional information, a spreadsheet, or a pdf file that customers can download from your store. When uploading the file, copy the link from the box below the URL column. You can use the link by associating it with a word in the description of a product, the content of the text in the slider, a banner link, etc.