CloudCart provides various subscription plans from which you can choose a plan according to your budget and your business needs.

How can I continue using my online store if I have already used the trial period?

1. Log into your control panel and click the Choose plan button which you will find by clicking the name of your store in the lower-left corner.

2. After deciding which subscription plan to start, click the Start now button located in the selected subscription plan and fill in the fields with correct information.

3. Click the Add Payment Method button to continue to successfully pay for the store. You will see a window in which to fill in your card details:

  • Enter the card number, name of the cardholder, the expiration date, and the CVV code (the code represents the 3 separate digits on the back of your card) carefully and press the Add New Card button to make the payment.

Welcome to the CloudCart family!

In the top bar of the control panel, you will already see information about the subscription plan and the remaining days of the month in which it is used. You do not need to worry and keep track of when you need to make your next payment for the next month, because CloudCart is a platform with automated processes that streamline debit and facilitate customers.

When the monthly subscription expires, the system will automatically debit the amount for the next month from the card you have used for last month's payment. You would receive an invoice for the payment on the email under the account. We advise you to make sure you have sufficient card availability to successfully make the monthly payments.

In your CloudCart account, under the Payments section, you can track transactions and also view/download invoices for each payment.

In case the payment cannot be made on the day the subscription plan expires, the system will attempt to debit the amount twice more in the next two days. After three unsuccessful payments, the store will become inactive and will be able to update your subscription plan when you have the opportunity to make a successful payment.

How do I renew my store's subscription plan?

If your store is closed because the payment for the next subscription plan failed, you can re-activate it with just a few clicks!

1. If you have enough funds in the card added within your account, log into your CloudCart control panel, go to the My stores' section, which will be found by hovering over the name of your store in the lower-left corner and click on Renew Subscription.
2. If there is an issue with the card added to your account, you can add a new one from the Payments section and mark it as Primary. Afterward, go to My stores, and by selecting Renew Subscription the system will make the payment successful with the card you have added as your primary.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

You do not have to wait for the monthly subscription plan to expire in order to upgrade your plan. If there are features that you want to use but are not active for your subscription plan, you can buy them accordingly. If you have reached a certain limit, you would receive an indication of the limit reached in the lower-left corner next to your store name. The invoices for the upgrade would be received in your email, as well as, in the Payments section of your account.