Facebook is one of the most successful social networks. By activating Facebook Comments, your store will gain even more popularity, because by activating the comments you give your customers the opportunity to comment your products in your store and this will be visible to everyone on Facebook. 

You can easily enable Facebook comments for your store by following the steps below: 

1.  Log in to your administrative panel

2.  Go to Apps

3.  Select Facebook Comments 

4.  In the blank field, type the number of comments that you want to be visible under each commented product and click Save

Your customers' comments will be visible on Facebook, and we advise you to also turn on social networks for your store by going to the Widgets > Social networks section.

Important! Facebook requires a new type of verification with HTML code. Go to the My Store > Themes section and add the HTML code provided by Facebook to the Custom CSS/JS button. It would look like this: 
<meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="123456789" />
 123456789 is just an example. Yours will look different.
After saving the changes, wait at least 24 hours before you attempt verification.