This functionality allows you to add information about both the brand and the model of the products in your store. In this way, your customers will receive more detailed information about each product they are interested in. 

In this section:

App Installation

Log in to your control panel,  Apps section > All apps > Brand and model. Install the application from the corresponding button.  

The application is paid. Once you have paid the required annual fee, you will see the Install button. 

After selecting the "Create a new brand" button, a window will open containing the following fields:
1. Name: Add your brand name here, i.e. Apple
2. Description: The place where you can describe in a few sentences the specific brand.
3. Logo: Use the "Select file" button to add the image/logo of this brand. This logo will be displayed if you add a showcase with brands and this brand is one of those that are displayed in the specific showcase on the home page.  

Adding products to a certain brand and model

We have already created the brand, but it is not yet assigned to any product and no models have been added to it. 

1. It is necessary to click on the button "(0) models" to open the form for creating a new model and fill in the necessary data.
2. We created 3 models for the brand, and the button "Create a new Model" displays the form through which you can add dozens of models to this brand.

3. Once you have created the Brand and the models for it, it remains to assign these models to specific products. Open the product editing page, where you can add the brand from the standard field "Brand", after selecting the brand you need to scroll down, where you will find the "Brand and model" field. Here you can set the product model.

Set the filter and display it in the product listing 

The next step you need to take is to turn on the Brand and Model filter so that your customers can filter the products in the listing - in addition to a specific brand and a second criterion, model. You'll find this check box in the My Store > Widgets > Products tab > Product Listing Settings > Brand and Model.
Now it remains to see the result of configuring the application by going to the listing of the product catalog. Your customers will now have the opportunity to filter their products by brand and model to find specific products they want to buy. In our case, this is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro: