"Algolia" is a successful French company offering web search product for the SaaS software model. Although site searches have long been offered as a service by providers, such as Google, this is usually done as a subset of general web search. While the Algolia product only indexes their customers' sites and thus the search task is much simpler.

Thanks to our capable technical team, CloudCart has integration with Algolia's product and now you can add the search engine to your store. Unlike regular search engines, Algolia offers а dynamic product search that allows customers to instantly find the products they want, regardless of the language they use to search for it.

Registering in the App's official website

1. Log into Algolia's website

2. Click on FREE TRIAL
3. Create an account4. Then fill in the required information accordingly:I.
5. After registering, go to the Dashboard:
From there, go to the API keys on the left and you will see the following menus:
There you will see the following API Key and Application ID:

You will need the Application ID and Admin API Key to enable the application in CloudCart.

Installing the App

1. Go into your control panel, from the menu choose Apps > All Apps > Algolia
2. After installation, you will see the Settings fields:
3. To link your created Algolia account, please put the required keys in the appropriate fields:4. Click the Save button and you should be all set.

The Task status button indicates whether the task is active, when it was last completed, and when it will be completed again. 

There is a limit to the free account in Algolia, I recommend you to see their price list if you expect high customer activity.