A useful feature that allows you to visualize a Label/ Image on selected products that you want to highlight in some way. Let's say you have products with discounts that are valid for a certain period of time, you can upload an appropriate image with the text "The offer expires in 2 days" to be displayed on the products. This will increase the interest of customers and will provoke action on their part. 

How to create a visual label/image discount?

Log in to your store's admin panel, in the Marketing > Discounts section, click Add Discount and select Visual Label/Image.
1.  Discount Name - enter the name of the discount you are creating (The name is for internal use only and will not be visible to customers).  

2. Label/Image: Select the image from your computer you want to apply and display it on the products defined in the following steps.  

Important! The added image is not resized in a detailed product page, so we advise you to follow the recommended size of 150x150px. It is best to have the image with a transparent background. 

3. Banner position: Choose in which part of the product photo the label will be positioned.  

4. Description: This label will be visible on all products you set. You can create its name and color to display on selected products.  

5. Discount target: From the drop-down menu, select which products to apply the selected label/image to. These can be specific products, products of a certain product category, vendor, collection, or products of a certain category and vendor.  

All discounts whose discount target is a product, product category, etc. are visualized as discounts on products. 

6. Date range: Specify the start and end date on which the selected products will be displayed with this product label. You can also select the created label/image type to never expire.  

7. Save the changes with the Add Discount button. 

Example of a Discount with a Visual Label - Image:  

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.