All discounted products accept the "SALE" label by default. This label appears in a different colour on the product photo, depending on the design settings you choose for your store. If you want to put another label/label on certain products, even without them having a specific other discount created, you can achieve this with a discount label.

How do I add a Label Discount?

1.  Go into your control panel > Marketing > Discounts > Add a new discount > Label Discount
2.  Once you've chosen the discount type, you need to configure the settings accordingly:
3.  Fill in the Discount name in the blank box. (The name will only be visible in your account)

4.  The description - this section allows you to personalize the label accordingly.

5.  Discount target allows you to specify for which Section of your store do wish to add a label. One of the following options could be chosen:
6.  The Color sections allow for the label to be displayed with a different color.

7.  Date range - Here is where you specify the start date and the end date of the discount, or set no expiration date.