CloudCart allows you to apply your marketing skills and strategy by creating different types of Discounts. You can quickly create Promo Discount Codes (Vouchers) for your customers who will shop even more with them. You can choose whether the discount is related to certain products, different categories or the final amount of each order.

All discounted products accept the "SALE" label by default. This label appears in a different color on the product photo depending on the design settings you choose for your store.

If you want to put also another label on certain products, even without them having another specific discount created, you can achieve this with a label discount.

How do I add a Label Discount?

Go into your control panel in the Marketing > Discounts section, click on Add a new discount and select Label Discount
1.  Type the name that this label will have. Adding a "discount" type label does not actually apply a specific reduction to the price of the products, but visualizes an inscription/label on selected products with the content (word) you have written. The name will be visible as a label on all products you choose to apply.
2.  Description - This label will be visible on all products that you set. You can create its name and the color to display on selected products. If you don't select a specific color, the label will accept the default color in the design selected for your store.

3.  Discount target - From the drop-down menu select the specific products, categories, vendors, collection or category and vendor for which you want to display the label you created.

All discounts whose discount target is a product, product category, etc. are visualized as discounts on products.  

4.  Here you can change the color of the background and the text of the label:

5.  Date range - set a start date for your "discount", in this case, label, as well as an end date if you wish to have one. You can mark with a tick also No expiration if you don't want to have a specific period of validity. 

6.  Press the button Add discount in the upper right corner of the screen to save the changes.

7.  This is how the label created by you will be displayed:

If you have a discount for a product(s), these products will be labeled "SALE". The label discount you create will be added under this Sale label. So consider the content of the label you are creating.

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.