In the Account Management section, you can perform all the administrative tasks required to view and administer your online store. The Account Management section is available in the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the control panel.

How do I manage my account?

Once you hover over your store's name, your account settings would pop up, as such:

1. Choose plan

In this section you can choose a plan, upgrade your current one and checkout the promo offers that are currently available.

2. My subscriptions

In this section your can keep track of all your subscriptions: for your plan, apps, additional purchases, as well as, any one-time features that have been acquired.

3. Billing / Cards

Here you will find all the cards you have added within your account and all payments with the status of each one. You can adjust cards, add, delete, and set cards as primary. Here you can also check the reasons for failed payments.

4. All Services

This menu would allows you to puchase additional services from our capable team. The services are divided into sections for your convenience, the include: Creative work, Migrations from other platforms, SEO optimisation, Marketing, Consultion and Store Settings.

5. Make money with CloudCart

Through this section, you can become a CloudCart partner with one click and earn additional revenue for your business.

6. My Account

In this section, you can change the login for your dashboard, password, and profile information.

7. My Stores

In this section, you can get quick information about the subscription plan of the stores you manage, select another subscription plan, check your payments, or log in to the control panel of any other CloudCart store (website) you manage.

8. Logout

Respectively logs you out of your control panel.