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As a way to optimize our invoice-handling process, we have created a Share Point where you can upload your invoices. Inside the Share Point there are sub-folders that correspond to the major cost centers in CloudCart - Marketing, Sales & Customer Support, Development & Technology and General & Administrative. That's where you have to upload your invoices. 

Here is a link to the Share Point:

You need to allocate the costs of your invoices appropriately so as to reflect their nature in the right way. All invoices need to be categorized according to the categories listed under the respective Cost Center. Following is a short description of these categories which should help you do that: 

Cost Allocation Principles

  1. Capitalized expenses:
    • PC equipment and peripherals (new PCs, monitors, etc.)
    • Office furniture (desks, chairs, etc.)
    • anything which is considered a non-current (long-term) asset. If you have any doubt about that, please don't hesitate to contact Ivan Simeonov, our CFO
  2. Development & Technology
    • Hosting 
    • Domains 
    • Software licenses (e.g. JetBrains) 
    • Email related (i.e. SMTP) 
    • CRM software 
    • Help center 
    • Project management 
    • DevOp 
    • Other relevant...
  3. General & Administrative:
    • Courier services
    • Copying services
    • Office supplies (paper, clips, pens, etc.)
    • Treatments (Coffee, drinks, sweets and the like)
  4. Marketing
    • Marketing research (databases, awareness research, competitive intelligence, etc.)
    • Digital marketing (social organic / ads, Search organic / ads, Display ads, Email, Viber, Referrals /blogs, influencers, etc./, Management etc.)
    • Production (TV / Web video, Sound recording, Printing /billboards, POS materials, business cards, etc./, Creative work, Translations for ads, etc.)
    • Advertising / Media buying (TV commercials, Radio, Outdoor, Print media /e.g. magazines, newspapers, etc./)
    • PR & Events (Press conferences, Events, Gifts, Treatments, etc.)
  5. Sales & Customer Support
    • Commission paid to external resellers for selling CloudCart online store to end customers
    • Cost of ALL services that are paid to suppliers and are consequently RESOLD to CloudCart clients: 
      • Facebook ads management 
      • Google ads management 
      • SEO services
      • Translation services
      • Domains
      • Design
      • Viber
      • Etc.
      • .....basically any service which is purchased by CloudCart for the purposes of being resold to our clients (this is the beginning of the Ecosystem business)
      • ATTENTION: In the description of these services in the invoices, the name of the customer for which they are intended must be explicitly written! Otherwise, the cost will be allocated to the respective relevant cost center (e.g. Translation services will be allocated to "External services", Google/Facebook/SEO/ shall constitute marketing services, Domains will be attributed to Development & Technology, etc.). 

The Process

Steps you need to take in chronological order:
  1. SUPPLIER'S OFFER - Each cost must be approved by your C-level manager PRIOR to placing an order with the external supplier. For this purpose, I suggest you either require a formal offer from the respective supplier or a preliminary proforma invoice based on which decision for the respective spending will be made. Having done that you should present this offer / proforma invoice to your manager for approval. 
  2. MANAGER'S APPROVAL - Once you get your manager's approval you can formally place an order to the external supplier. Please be aware that when you place an order to a supplier you basically put a formal commitment to CloudCart to pay for this order (hence, this is the point of no return). After you place an order you should request an official invoice from the supplier in question. 
  3. UPLOAD INVOICE TO THE SHARE POINT - The received invoice should be uploaded to the share point observing the cost-allocation principles. It is also advisable to store it on your PC for further reference if needed. 
  4. UPLOAD INVOICE TO THE CONSOLE - Tsvetelina Tsvetkova, our office manager, will take this step. The aim here is to keep the process under control and reduce your administrative work as much as possible. 
  5. PAYMENT - When the invoice is in the Console, payment shall be arranged. Otherwise, it will not be effected. 

This is all you need to do to order an external service and handle the invoice from the supplier.