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Fill in a request

The employee should fill in a formal written request for paid leave and present it to his/her manager for approval (signature). 

Wait for the manager's approval

The manager must check if the employee has vacation days left before signing off the request. Two scenarios are possible here:

  • If the employee has unused vacation days, the manager can sign the request (of course, after considering all other factors).
  • If the employee does not have any vacation days left, the request for paid leave cannot be approved! In this case, only a request for unpaid leave can eventually be approved.

Hand in the request to the office manager

Following the manager's approval of the request, it needs to be handed in personally to the Office Manager (Ivana, for the time being) for further processing.

Approved requests are handed over to CloudCart's outsourced Payroll partner

(For your information) The approved requests are handed over to the outsourced Payroll partner of CloudCart for administration and reflection in the monthly remuneration according to the applicable law.