If you have already created your CloudCart store, but want to expand into foreign markets to grow profit, you need to have the appropriate language versions of your store. To make it easier for its partners, CloudCart has created the "Additional language version of the store" service. What it is, and why it is extremely useful if you want to attract customers from around the world, you will find out in the following lines.

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What should you do?

To create an additional language version of your store, you can contact your CloudCart Sales or Support Agent and let them know. He will tell you in detail about the service and will assist you throughout the process so that you have a fully completed site in the language you want. 

You can also purchase the service directly from the admin panel of your newly created * store by clicking on the store name in the lower right corner of the screen, select All services, Store setup section> Additional language version

To purchase an additional language version, you first need to create a second store. You can do this by clicking on the store name in the lower right corner of the screen, select My Stores and click the Create your new store button.

Example: If the name of the main store is myshop.cloudcart.com, let the name of the additional language version be the same with an added abbreviation of the language in which it will be - myshop-en.cloudcart.com

Once you have created your new store, log in to the admin panel and select the "Additional language version" service:

What does the service include?

The CloudCart team will make an exact copy of your current online store, localize and set up all system texts in your desired language in the new registration you have made in advance. The subscription plan for this language version will cost 50% of your current plan.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this service does not include translation and replacement of texts and photos (banners) located throughout the store by the CloudCart team, this is your personal commitment, which you can do through your administration panel of the new language versio

If you want the CloudCart team and our partners we work with to adapt your entire store, content such as static pages, banners, other photos, etc. you need to inform your Sales or Support agent, after which we will analyze all the content and we will give you feedback on lead time and price of the additional service.

The price listed in the store's admin panel corresponds to a Business subscription plan, if you wish to receive a specific price for your online store with a different subscription plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once we have localized the new language version of your main site, we will place a flag from which each end user will be able to select the desired language version.

* Note: All paid applications that you have installed in your main store should be reinstalled and paid for in the additional language version (GDPR, Let´s Encrypt Manager, etc.)

What are the advantages?

The advantages of this service are many, as we do not just translate the content of your site, but localize it. 

  • Taxes and fees - smooth application of taxes and fees. Each country has different taxes and fees. You won't have adapted them in any way from one language version to another, but you will be able to apply them correctly to the state. 
  • Invoicing - the invoices you issue will be in the specific language version with the specific details relevant to the respective country. 
  • Payment Methods and Shipping - the various payment methods and courier companies will be localized. Thus, if you sell in the UK, for example, customers will see courier companies that are applicable to their country such as Royal Mail, etc. 
  • System messages - all system messages such as email notifications, etc. that customers receive from your store will be adapted. This is extremely important because if these messages are not in the relevant language, it means that a customer who places an order, for example, will receive a message in a language other than the one he has chosen and the language of the store itself. 
  • In the different language versions of your store, you can set different prices for the products and rearrange them in different ways so that they meet the demand in the local market. 
  • Custom modifications - all custom modifications, if any, made in your store will be duplicated and placed in the new language version. 

These are just a few of the benefits of the "Additional language version" service. If you want to have a working store in different languages, do not hesitate to contact your Sales or Support agent. We will be happy to help you on the path to success! 

Request the service

If you want to create an additional language version of your store, you can also request the service from the button below: