BrandsDistribution is a world leader in B2B online sales of designer fashion products. This is a platform that offers women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories, lingerie and cosmetics of world famous brands at wholesale prices.

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    As a CloudCart retailer, you can import selected products from the BrandsDistribution catalog into your store and sell their product without actually owning it physically, so-called dropshipping. With BDroppy, BD's dropshipping service, you can increase your sales by buying directly online and continuously placing even small orders from BD when a customer orders a product in your store.

     The service is available in different languages. Its use requires payment of an annual fee.

First steps

1. The first step is to register on the BrandsDistribution website:

2. Once you have registered, log in to your BDroppy account, where you will see the menu. From Search products, you can search for products in the entire catalog using filters. You can choose by category, subcategory, brands, gender, season, and set a price range. In addition, you can select the currency and language of the product description that you will include in your import sheet.

Create Import Sheets with Products

1. Each product has a Cost price (excluding VAT), which you owe if you sell it later, a Retail price and the value of the Profit, as well as an Add to import list button. By clicking on this button you can add products to your list, which you can then import into your CloudCart store and sell these products there. To select all the products you see, click the box in the upper left corner.

2. To remove a product that you have already added to the list, click the Remove from import list button and it will be removed.

3. To add the products you have already selected, click the button above the list of all products Add all selected to import list. You can add them to the already created import list or choose to create a second one to add them to.

In CloudCart you can work only with one import list.

If you do not have an import list created, you will only see the Add to new import list button.

4. From the menu, section Manage import lists > Settings you can edit and set the settings of your product catalog.

  • Catalog name - create a name for your catalog.
  • Currency - from the drop-down menu you can select the currency for the products you will import into your CloudCart store. There are different kinds of currencies.
  • Rounding - you choose whether and how to round the prices of the products.
  • Min Quantity - the minimum quantity of products in the catalog
  • Base Cost - from the drop-down menu you can choose the prices of the products, ie. - Cost (No Vat), this is the delivery price, Street price - this is the official Italian retail price and Suggested price - this is the recommended price by BDroppy.
  • Markup% - in this field you can set an additional percentage to be charged on the prices at which you have chosen to sell your products.
  • Ship to me / Ship to customer - from this button you can choose whether the ordered products to be delivered directly to the customer or to you.
  • Save settings - press the button to save the settings.

Install BrandsDistribution in your CloudCart Store

To import the created BDroppy product catalog to your store, you need to install the BrandsDistribution application.

1. Log in to the admin panel of your store, from the menu, select Apps > All Apps > BrandsDistribution and click the Buy button.

2. In the window that opens, you need to enter the invoice details and payment method and confirm by clicking the Pay Now button (the fee is annual).

Module settings

Once you have successfully paid the app, a new window will open in which you need to set your BrandDsitribution account settings and synchronize the categories in your store with the BD catalog.

1. To activate the app, turn on the Activate ON / OFF button.

2. Enter the email address and password you have used to register at

3. In the next User Catalog field, the product catalog (import list) that you created in BDroppy will appear, select it from the drop-down menu.

4. In the Use price field you must select the price you have selected for the products in your BDroppy catalog. In the drop-down menu, you will see Street price (Price in the store - this is the official Italian retail price), Suggested price ( this is the recommended price of BDroppy), and Distributor price.

5. In the Percentage field you can set an additional percentage to be added to the selected prices of the products from the import list. This field is optional.

6. In the next field Up price with, you have the opportunity to set the exact amount (for example EUR 20) with which to increase the price of each product. This field is optional.

7. Activate discounts - this option is very useful if a product / s from the catalog comes with a reduced price. Then you have the opportunity to actually show this discount in your store. This is done by selecting a ready-made (pre-created) discount, fixed type, from the drop-down menu.

You can create a fixed discount from the Marketing > Discounts> Fixed Discount menu. See more in our section for creating different types of discounts.

When you have products that are discounted, they will be recorded in this discount, when the discount is canceled and the discount will be removed.

8. Choose which price will be used for Old price - select the price on which the discount will be applied - this can be again: Street Price, Suggested Price, or Distributor price. If you choose Distributor Price, you will not actually have any profit, so work with either the Suggested or the Steet price (this is the highest price for a product).

9. Choose the language of product descriptions - in this field from the drop-down menu select the language in which you want the product descriptions to be displayed. Here again, the language you selected in BDroppy must match the one you will select here when setting up the module.

10. The next section Update product name is extremely useful. Turn on the option from the ON / OFF button to create unique names for your imported products using tags. Because many retailers work with the BDroppy catalog, but do not have this functionality to change the names and in fact, all items in their product catalog have the same names. We give you the opportunity to change the names of the default products (as they come from BDroppy) that you will upload to your store so that they are different from those of other retailers.

11. In the Name constructor field, you can create your own product name. From the drop-down menu, you can choose from: Gender, Season, Brand, Name / SKU, Category, Subcategory, and Color. You can swap tags with drag & drop. Test to see exactly how you would like the new product names in the imported catalog to look like.

12. Import all products as - here you can choose whether the products are imported as unpublished or to be published directly in your store. We personally recommend that you do not publish them immediately, but review their prices and titles to make sure that everything is as you would like. This option only applies to new products, when updating the product catalog in BDroppy, already published products will not be republished.

13. Gender to category - if you enable this option from the ON / OFF button you will be able to define gender as a category, ie from the catalog comes information about gender for each product, but this information cannot be defined as a category in advance, so when setting up the module you can do this with this button. The system makes a category (for example Women / Men) and attaches the given products to it according to the gender information they carry.

14. To save the settings, click the Save button. Once you have uploaded a product catalog and made the settings, the task that has started never stops unless you stop it manually.

You can manage your catalog from your BDroppy account. Adding/removing products is done ONLY in BDroppy. You go there and remove a product or add new products/categories, etc. Changes will be saved automatically. Synchronization between BDroppy and CloudCart takes place every 8 hours. If an item is no longer available in the BDroppy catalog, it will be automatically removed from your catalog, if it is included in the next synchronization of the application, this will be reflected and the catalog updated.

Order processing

1. When you receive an order from a customer in your store for the product (s) that are part of the BDroppy catalog, you need to go to your account there, in the menu, Orders section, to create and execute it.

2. The creation of a new order is done from the New Order button.

3. In the window that opens, select the ordered product from the catalog, fill in the customer data, and place the order to BDroppy to be executed and sent to the customer or to you (depending on the settings you have set).