It is recommended to be interested in the development of your store and analyze the information you have. Being able to track quickly your customers, orders, and sales is one of the most important things that will help you increase your business and revenue. The Information section aims to give a direct view of the most important activities in the store that you need to monitor and provides you with tools to react quickly in case of an unforeseen event.  

New orders
In new orders are visible all orders that are not marked as completed. This means that they need to be monitored in order to take appropriate measures to be completed. 

Abandoned orders
Sometimes customers who add something to their cart give up in the order process and do not complete it. Any order in which a potential customer provides his contact information but fails to complete it is considered an abandoned order in the CloudCart platform

Out of stock
In out of stock you can track your product range and which products need to be supplied because your customers will not be able to buy them in case they are out of stock. 

Total customers
This is the total number of customers in the store. 

Sales Section

Through this section you find out how the sales in the store are going. The charts are interactive - this means that you can click on selected dates, values, and categories to get more detailed information. 

You can change the period for which information is provided selecting a range from the drop-down menu. This allows you to set a specific calendar period.

Information through Pie charts

You can publish pie charts based on order status, category, country, customer group or vendor. 

Section with top rankings

Having the opportunity to quickly review the best-selling products and customers, you will be able to adequately plan your marketing strategies and preferential plans for customers. Clicking View report will display details for a specific area - customers or products. 


Google analytics section

Google Analytics allows you to track visitors to your online store and generates reports that will help your marketing. The information that is visible has been downloaded from your Google Analytics account on Google. CloudCart only publishes this data, it doesn't collect it. You can get more detailed information about the activities in your online store from the Reports section in the administrative panel.