You can enter taxes at your store simultaneously - globally or for each country or region individually, depending on where you sell your products.

Adding tax

1. Go into your Admin Panel > Settings > Taxes

2. Click Add Tax in the upper right corner of the page and the following page would open up:

3. Under Name, you just add the name of the tax in question, examples: VAT, Service tax, etc.

4. Then you enter a short Description regarding the tax in question. Please note that it would be visible on your storefront

5. Following that is the option to choose whether the tax is a flat amount or a percentage.

6. Then you enter the Rate of the tax you've chosen, respectively.

7. Company Settings should be switched on if you wish for this tax to be applicable for companies.

8. If the box Country Tax is enabled, the created tax would appear:

Make sure to choose the option that fulfills your needs. Either calculating the tax before the shipping costs or afterward.

9. Finally, select the Tax regions to which this tax/levy applies, selecting a country from the created regions or applying Globally to all areas, and click Save.

10. After you successfully created the tax, it would appear as the following in your Taxes menu.

If you wish to set a region-specific tax, you must first create a Geo Zone from the Settings section.