Depending on your business, you may have a wide selection of products in varying quantities. To help you manage your products quickly and easily, CloudCart provides you with a Product Statuses section where you can create different product statuses, hide or show a buy button in accordance with the number of products.

Adding new product status

1.  Log into your admin panel, from the menu go to Product > Product Statuses.
2. There you would see the default product statuses accordingly:
The default settings of your store already provide you with two available product statuses in this section. Every uploaded product in your store will have In-stock status, by default. This status will be displayed in the detailed page of each product and it will allow a Buy now button for each of your products, even if you do not turn on the Quantity tracking option and have not specified an exact quantity.

Adding new product statuses

You can also add new statuses by clicking on the Add new status button from the Product Statuses section. You can specify the action of the status, the name of the button that will be visible to the customer, and the condition that this status will be accepted by your products.
1. Status name - type the name of the status in this field. It will be visualized on the detailed page of the products that own it. If the status is Show as Request, the name you type here will be the button name that will display the product inquiry form.

2. Actions - choose the action that the status you have created will be doing.

  • Show the ‘Buy’ button - this action will display a Buy button to the products with this status
  • Hide ‘Buy’ button - this action will hide the Buy button and the products that will accept this status will not have the ability to be added to the shopping cart. They could only be viewed with their status page displayed in detail.
  • Show as a request - this action will add a special request button to the product. The button name will be the same as the name of the status. The button will open a popup window where customers can leave their emails and names and send you an auto-filled request for the product. You will receive an automatic email with the request at the email you use for your store.

3. If the quantity is - from this drop-down menu you must select the condition that this status will be accepted by the products. Choose the exact quantity, more or less than a specific quantity of products. All products with this quantity condition will accept the status you are creating.

Once you have created a product status, all products that qualify for quantity in this status will automatically accept the actions and status name. If your products require more than one status under the same availability condition, you can create the required status and set it manually and specifically for each product what status to be accepted when it is in stock, and what status to take when it is out of stock.

Manually assigning statuses

1. To set new or specific product statuses, first of all, turn on the Track quantity option for each of your products (that you would like to link with a product status) and set a specific quantity for each of them.

2. Use the Product status in stock and Product status out of stock drop-down menus to assign the desired status for specific products and their quantity.

When you have checked quantity tracking, but you have not set a specific status in product details for availability or specific product status without availability all products without a specific status will accept the terms of the status available in the Product Status section.