November 2020

New releases, including:

  • RELEASED: Geo Polygons
  • RELEASED: Integration with
  • RELEASED: Integration with BrandsDistribution
  • RELEASED: Integration with ALSO

 New features & Bug fixes, including:


  • Update Google code
  • FIXED: Error for event purchase  


  • NEW FEATURE: Console Filters for offers, subscriptions, invoices 


  • FIXED: Offer Create & Offer Update webhooks 


  • FIXED: HOTFIX: Trying to get property 'response' of non-object


  • Update API documentation


  • NEW FEATURE: Option to display the amount of the discount in a label - percentage / fixed / do not change it (global discounts)
  • NEW FEATURE: New service of Econt - Online sales without a cash register
  • NEW FEATURE: Better differentiation of payment methods with LABELS
  • NEW FEATURE: Change default icons for payments providers: Cash on delivery, Pay on place and Voucher
  • FIXED: Cross-sell ussue
  • FIXED: Webhooks in the console - to be able to enter address and url


  • Update event for Google Analytics - add shipping, info, and add payment_info
  • Update analytics events 
  • Update analytics events, added login, and sign up  
  • FIXED: Clear code for Doctrine
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into google-analytics-update  


  • FIXED: Geometry package move register doctrine in migrations only


  • NEW FEATURE: "desired_delivery_date" to order data in API 
  • FIXED: Knowledge: show short description mobile 
  • FIXED: Sites Income Command: removed site_id


  • FIXED: Deleting polygons 
  • FIXED: Label change in geo zones to add a new row


  • FIXED: Sites Income Command. Console: Site Statistics -> Income 


  • FIXED: Freshionista - 4,5 products on row 
  • FIXED: Econt price
  • FIXED: Generate bill of lading/cash on delivery error


  • NEW FEATURE: Sync order payment with cash on delivery, limit to last 90 days
  • FIXED: Checkout - set shipping to 0 for digital products. Log SSL renew errors.  


  • REMOVED: dd from hook catch
  • REMOVED: dd from hook try 


  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into API-hooks 
  • FIXED: API: Webhooks: removed headers and API key resources. THE First API key is used by default. Headers are object (key, value array) 
  • FIXED: Checkout: proper payment method validation


  • FIXED: Product price zero to null 


  • FIXED: Show last viewed products in product details for knowledge 
  • FIXED: Wheel promo: proper link handling, hide button on cookie set. Checkout proper discount calculation.


  • FIXED: Issue with adding a free product to the cart with a Cross-sell


  • NEW FEATURE: New mass actions for products 
  • NEW FEATURE: Bulk product status set for in stock and out of stock


  • FIXED: Discounts: paymentMethod dependency
  • FIXED: Label description & banner description display in summer, flair, virtuous, echappe, construction-in labs, construction,braclinic  
  • FIXED: Change label in VAT for excluding and including in a price 


  • FIXED: Label & banner description display in default & diamond theme
  • FIXED: Products showcase filter by product enable sort products


  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into a shop
  • FIXED: Duplicate user issue 


  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into es 


  • FIXED: CrossSell displays wrong. CrossSell on event action 
  • FIXED: Google Sheets: Lock header row. Empty values for product and variants name


  • FIXED: API: Set language to English


  • FIXED: There is no delivery to address option upon payment
  • FIXED: Tax issue - exceptions by category


  • FIXED: The shipping cost is not presented in the invoice when paying by card
  • FIXED: Issue with area recognition when selecting a certain city as a delivery address


  • FIXED: API: Handle error 400 as 422 and skip the log  


  • FIXED: Agolia app issues


  • FIXED: Product statuses issues
  • FIXED: FreshSales contact_email and service_tag
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' of
  • FIXED: Voucher payment provider -> like bank transfer
  • FIXED: Order numbers issue


  • FIXED: Console: Services management


  • FIXED: Call to undefined method Modules\Apps\Imports\Also\AlsoManager::count() 


  • FIXED: An issue with variables in the invoice template
  • FIXED: Product statuses issues


  • FIXED: Local Pickup app issue
  • FIXED: Add 100% order discount on the order details page 
  • FIXED: Confirming email issue when setting a new password


  • FIXED: An issue with changing the product quantity in order
  • FIXED: Spelling error in an email


  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into ALSO


  • FIXED: Imagick fix cmyk images converted to negative 


  • FIXED: LetsEncrypt/Services/AcmeService: $verifyLocallyTimeout = 60, $verifyCATimeout = 90 


  • FIXED: Discounts and Invoices
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'cc-discounts' of into cc-discounts
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'cc-discounts'


  • FIXED: Embedding products from the store in a blog article


  • FIXED: Console: Discounts
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' into cc-discounts 
  • FIXED: SiteCP: Checkout
  • FIXED: SiteCP: Cart
  • FIXED: Checkout from promo, offer, plan, all services 
  • FIXED: Use checkout for apps and feature packs  
  • FIXED: Sitecp/Checkout: store original price in cart, show savings per item, show the total discount amount for promo code.
  • FIXED: Sitecp/Checkout: clean up unused/duplicated code
  • FIXED: Invoicing with discounts completed  
  • FIXED: Invoices discount without vat
  • FIXED: Notifications/SubscriptionCancel  
  • FIXED: checkout/items. Console: edit invoice language
  • FIXED: Checkout payment validation  
  • FIXED: MigrateGateCommand


  • FIXED: Brands Slider links are on the buttons only
  • FIXED: Merge branch 'master' of


  • FIXED: Issue with changing the value of the label discount when product varieties have different prices


  • FIXED: Product varieties not selected: error message 
  • FIXED: Display number of images in command
  • NEW FEATURE: Allow negative price for product options


  • FIXED: BrandsDistribution app issue with importing products as unpublished


  • NEW FEATURE: Products related to slider
  • REMOVED: The option "Delivery price is included in the invoice"


  • NEW FEATURE: Import of blog articles

  • NEW FEATURE: Alphabetical sorting of the parameters in the link when filtering
  • FIXED: Incorrect calculation of the total
  • FIXED: Issue with VAT exclusion outside the EU
  • FIXED: Issue with changing the order status when shifting the delivery address
  • FIXED: The webhook comes with an old shipping cost
  • FIXED: Discount validity period issue
  • FIXED: Loading site on iPhone issue
  • FIXED: Cache_bots issue - the same page has two caches
  • FIXED: Shipping price issue (Econt)
  • FIXED: Google Maps API issue when the B2B app is active and a new user is registered
  • FIXED: Visual correction of VAT in orders and checkouts
  • FIXED: Issues with ongoing syncing of unpaid applications
  • FIXED: Email templates - centring photos issue
  • FIXED: GenSoft ERP errors 
  • FIXED: Discount code issues
  • FIXED: The disappearing of product gallery in certain tablet resolutions
  • FIXED: An issue related to the inclusion of the product option's turnover in the general report
  • FIXED: Shipping time slot
  • FIXED: Issues with changing the color of the text of the button "View order details"
  • FIXED: an error when setting up VAT

October 2020

New releases, including:

  • RELEASED: MobilPay
  • RELEASED: Borica Way4
  • RELEASED: New Taxes - calculation and application

New features, including:

  • NEW FEATURE: A delivery method with criteria, according to the category
  • NEW FEATURE: An option to show related products by tags when the tags are hidden
  • NEW FEATURE: When VAT is 0.00, to be visible to the customer in the cart
  • NEW FEATURE: Field for grounds for non-accrual of VAT
  • NEW FEATURE: An option to check the amount for a manual discount in order
  • NEW FEATURE: An option in Microinvest to stop missing products in XML
  • NEW FEATURE: A filter for expected delivery by time slot in Orders
  • NEW FEATURE: A function for VAT verification by VIES
  • NEW FEATURE: An option to remove VAT when entering a delivery address outside the EU without invoice data entered
  • NEW FEATURE: When calculating VAT after delivery, the delivery is a separate line in the invoice
  • NEW FEATURE: When choosing to pick up the ordered goods from a physical store require only a phone number and name
  • NEW FEATURE: Mandatory verification of e-mail when using the same e-mail address when registering a guest account and registering in a default group
  • NEW FEATURE: An option to delete files uploaded by users
  • NEW FEATURE: UNIT and UNIT value to XML import
  • NEW FEATURE: An "availability" field in Skroutz for products in stock
  • NEW FEATURE: An automatic translation of statuses, according to the language of the store

Bug fixes, including:

  • FIXED: Leasing button issues
  • FIXED: Buy button preview 
  • FIXED: The splitting of the product title in emails with similar products
  • FIXED: Issues related to Global discount - search for a specific product.
  • FIXED: Visualization of all products in the product feed
  • FIXED: Google maps issues related to determining the exact location
  • FIXED: An issue with displaying product bundles after the 2nd page when viewing
  • FIXED: VAT calculation upon checkout
  • FIXED: Cross-sell issue 
  • FIXED: Yopto, displaying reviews in the product listing
  • FIXED: An issue with locking an order from an administrator
  • FIXED: Checkout issues, COD does not show when entering a promo code
  • FIXED: receiving an email for a payment problem when there is none
  • FIXED: "Blog" module in the visual constructor
  • FIXED: Visualization of VIDEO CLIP in a static page
  • FIXED:  COD variable does not replace with the text entered in the admin settings
  • FIXED:  Econt issue with finding an address
  • FIXED: Mobika - Viber issues
  • FIXED: Grocery Store app issues with appearing an error "division by zero" 
  • FIXED: Landing page 404 edited meta tag
  • FIXED: Issues with the creation of bills of lading
  • FIXED: Issues with editing a product in the order
  • FIXED: Delivery calculation issues
  • FIXED: Deleting products and queues in tasks issues
  • FIXED: An issue with the language in which the country is displayed when entering an address when ordering
  • FIXED: Invalid timezone set "180" message when entering a shipping address
  • FIXED: Product slug wrong generation when adding a product
  • FIXED: Sending expected delivery date in email templates
  • FIXED: Solytron importing statuses issue
  • FIXED: An issue with a customer with more than one order, considered a new customer every time
  • FIXED: issues related to the updating of discounts on collections when removing or adding a product
  • FIXED: issues with activating and deactivating Fixed Discount
  • FIXED: An issue with the automatic reminder setting for an incomplete order
  • FIXED: An issue with discrepancy of reporting dates
  • FIXED: An issue with duplicate bills of lading (Speedy)
  • FIXED: the saving issues of the information in the "apply to" field at a Label Discount
  • FIXED: Registration form of the site issues
  • FIXED: issues with editing an order
  • FIXED: errors when editing and setting discounts
  • FIXED: a total error due to non-inclusion of the price of the product's option
  • FIXED: issues with changing the delivery address of an order
  • FIXED: Customer email verification when changing an email address
  • FIXED: An issue with order cancellation when paying with MobilPay
  • FIXED: scrolling issue when viewing Cross-sell
  • FIXED: An issue when applying a manual discount in an order
  • FIXED: Wrong value of a bundle when you make a quick order
  • FIXED: issues with automatic e-mails when an order is made
  • FIXED: filtering problem when selecting different varieties
  • FIXED: Comparing products issues
  • FIXED: Invalid order issue 
  • FIXED: Order without address and phone issue
  • FIXED: A problem with the appearance of the Customer Information field when making registration
  • FIXED: breakage of the category trail
  • FIXED: CloudCart API v2 - Error 500
  • FIXED: Countdown discount issues
  • FIXED: Incorrect calculation of the order total due to rounding
  • FIXED: Recalculation of shipping prices
  • FIXED: Issues with the application of discounts on orders over a certain value
  • FIXED: Solytron synchronization issues
  • FIXED: Slider links issue
  • FIXED: configuration fail of Pay at a store 
  • FIXED: XML import
  • FIXED: An issue with changing a photo when choosing a product variety
  • FIXED: Deliveries to an address in Greece (Ekont)
  • FIXED: failure when choosing the value of a variety
  • FIXED: Invoice issues with product prices
  • CHANGED: the payer of the delivery by default when paying by card or ePay
  • FIXED: Tax for shipping not added to the Total amount 
  • FIXED: Subcategory meta title correction issue 
  • FIXED: problem with visualizing the description of COD in the finalization of the order
  • FIXED: MailChimp's email collection module issue
  • FIXED: Search by order number in the invoices section issue
  • FIXED: Removing VAT only on the basis of the billing address
  • FIXED: Google Search console errors (URL template, query-input)
  • FIXED: Geo zones issue
  • FIXED: XML feed generation issue
  • FIXED: banner in the collection page 
  • FIXED: issue with the visualization of stocks in stores when a variety is selected
  • FIXED: Print order option 
  • FIXED: issue with adding products to the wishlist
  • FIXED: Error - URL format is invalid when changing a banner in "Banners" and "Banners in slidebar" modules
  • FIXED: OLX app issues
  • FIXED: error in app ->Trackin API key is invalid 
  • FIXED: Product duplication issues
  • FIXED: inability for closing Upsell pop up
  • FIXED: An issue with disabling automatic reminder for abandoned orders
  • FIXED: Lazy loading issue
  • FIXED: Assumed identity exemption in the administration issue
  • FIXED: Structured data in some pages